Raison d’être

Our rasion d’ etre is simple: Discover talented new fashion designers and unique fabrics from small bespoke shops in Europe that would otherwise never reach America; help them cultivate their products in a way that is adapts to the American market, thus providing our clients unique menswear sensibilities. Every person who steps into our shop has the same request, “Show me something new and different, that I’ll be comfortable wearing”.

Gian Marco continues to live up to that challenge.

Our Approach

We travel to Europe twice a year. From our buying office in Milano, we search throughout Europe, from Bucharest to the Outer Hebrides Islands to find the newest and most exciting styles and trends for our clientele…. Embracing fresh, bold color, exquisite fabrications and trend setting stylings as well as a high sense of confidence in what we offer, we can expand our clients’ sartorial options. Our motto, “Be first, be different” means we take the sartorial dare so our clientele can experience the newest in European sensibilities

Our management team is comprised of Marc Sklar, President & C.E.O. and John Massey, Vice President and Creative Director. Every member of our team, sales, tailoring and support, has the expertise of boutique and bespoke menswear, and is thoroughly knowledgeable to ascertain what your personal style needs may be. Our primary objective is to assist you to assert your own personal brand and sensibility.

After all, fashion says “Me too” whereas STYLE says “ONLY ME!”

Baltimore Sun

Best of Baltimore 2017 | Best men’s boutique

Nobody dresses Baltimore’s men quite like Gian Marco. Maybe it’s because the Mount Vernon boutique features merchandise designed by its owners, John Massey and Marc Sklar, in collaboration with a number of European fashion houses. The two fly to Europe twice a year and work with the top design houses in the world. It’s evident by the way the boutique is filled with curated menswear that can compete with the top clothiers in the world.

John Massey
Marc Sklar